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Offering / Giving

Online Offering / Giving and Paying Fees Through PayPal Using Your Debit Card, Credit Card or PayPal Account

Please note all donations made during this time are considered Calvary Baptist Tabernacle. 

Thank you,

Missionary Johnny Daniels, Pastor Calvary Baptist Tabernacle

Student – important note for students: be sure to type student name and account #

There are steps to giving online. It is simple and secure and will only take a few minutes to go through the process.
1 You can make a one-time or recurring PayPal payment. You do not have to have a PayPal account to make a one-time payment; you may use your credit or debit card. However, recurring payments require that you use or set up a PayPal account.
2 Important notes, regarding using a back-arrow in PayPal. Be sure to copy/select text (from step 4 below) before you click the PayPal-button below, "Make a Donation". Because if you click the back-arrow in PayPal, you will loose all your typed-entries made in PayPal. It is best to copy/select text now.
3 This PayPal service does not have a Donation/Student-Fee Category option – and the church knowing what a payment is for, is very important! So be sure to write a category and/or name and account # note once in PayPal, under this heading, "Note to seller: Add" (or "Send a note to seller").
4 Select a bulleted-category from the Donation/Student-Fee Category list here, for your PayPal typed-entry, "Note to seller: Add”.
• Student Monthly Payment and Service Fees: name and account #
• Student Enrollment Fees: name and account #
• Church Tithe
• Church Offering
• Church Charity
Missions and Missionaries
• Church General Missions
• Church Designated Missionary: name 
• External Missionary Support: name
College and Other Funds
• College Operations and Support
• College / Church Building Fund
5 Type in dollar amount below > "Enter Amount Here" > click "Make a Donation" > wait for redirect to PayPal > see heading "Choose a way to pay" > enter your information and at the end, look for > "Note to seller: Add" or "Send a note to seller" > type a Donation/Student-Fee Category here and any other details or specifications such as student name and account #, missionary name, etc.
6 Follow the instructions on the PayPal screen to complete your payment.
7 You will receive an e-mail of your receipt, which you will need to save for tax purposes. Thank you in advance!

Make a One-Time Donation (debit card, credit card, PayPal account):

Make a Recurring Donation (PayPal account required):